Utilization of waste plastics recycling is less than 10%

PET plastic bottles are widely used in everyday plastic packaging , plastic bottles thrown away but will seriously pollute the environment, plastic recycling is necessary. According Petcore Europe Industry Association, said the amount of the 2012 European PET bottle recycling more than 60 million , more than 52% post-consumer PET bottles are recycled again use ( about 1.68 million tons ) .

Plastics can also be seen from the amount of waste recycled plastic bottles in the market demand remains strong , so the number of waste plastics is also growing rapidly ; reported that China has become the world’s largest waste plastics plastic packaging design market countries .

However, in terms of plastic trays waste plastic recycling , China is still in its infancy , waste plastics and packaging recycling rate of less than 10% , the recovery is still a long way to go. Analysis of the reasons , there are three :

First , China’s scrap plastics industry is jointly managed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection , the National Development and Reform Commission , Ministry of Commerce , General Administration of Customs General Administration of Quality Supervision, plastic box design Inspection and so on. Because the industry focal point is not clear, resulting in a lack of industry guidance plastic packaging box , technical specifications. Plastic recycling is no clear recovery system , corporate recovery more difficult.

Second, clear plastic packaging our country has not been at the macro level of waste plastics recycling integrated planning and development of the industry, the lack of specific policy support , the lack of plastic waste classification norms, lack of safety requirements for the procurement and use of waste plastic products businesses to achieve recognition and encouragement. Related systems, and these have led to the recycling of waste clamshell packaging plastics industry has long showed a fluctuating condition .

Third , China’s plastics recycling based mainly on physical regeneration , and physical regeneration of the international energy recovery , chemical reduction method and used as a solid plastic packaging fuel far , the vast majority of plastic waste in the treatment process behind the product technology pvc tray content and low added value .

Based on the above , plastic recycling encounter difficulties, governments , companies should join forces to establish a good recovery environment , enterprises should strengthen the new technologies, new technology research and development.

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